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Twins House Releases

Hello everyone! Our Brand-New Show Twins House has now officially released!

On a stormy, thunderous night, an eerie and desolate abandoned house lies shrouded in darkness. Suddenly, a mysterious musical carousel begins to play, sending ominous warnings through the air. The night sky erupts with a torrential downpour and powerful thunderstorms, adding to the eerie atmosphere. Seemingly forgotten and forsaken, the Twins, embodiments of malevolence, regain control of the house, reshaping it into their sinister domain.

Will you and your companions possess the resilience and fortitude necessary to endure the night, braving the relentless onslaught of the Twins?

For this show we have partnered up with AtmosFX in order to bring the twins alive in a way they havent been seen before, in full 3D Projection mapping.


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