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Halloween & Christmas
projection mapping

Halloween & Christmas Projection Shows For Sale Now

Ready for the next step in Digital Decorations?
Where to buy projection shows for Halloween or Christmas?
Who sells projection shows?
Well great news, our In-House team now sells custom mapped projection shows for seasonal events! 

We create an array of projection shows for USA and clients worldwide focused on Season events such as Halloween or Christmas, upon ordering these shows you must submit your custom projection map.

What are the requirements?

short throw projector

You will require a short throw projector of at least 3000 Lumens, as a simple test stand out side with your projector pointing at your house. Everything the light touches is your playground! 

laptop windows/mac

In order to Map your house, you will be required to run some basic software in order to create the mask.

(dont worry if you can draw a line in MS Paint your good to go)


You will need a HDMI/VGA Cable to connect to your laptop in-order to create the mask for the map and also to play the Projection Show once completed. (Media Player is optional for playblack)

services we will be offering

we map your house

We've listened to feedback and  we understand it, some of you would like us to map your house. Details on this will be coming soon. However this will only be UK at this time.

our shows built to your house

Our Projection Shows will be purchasable and custom built to fit your house, please see the FAQ below for more info. 

custom event shows

Some people like to add their own flavour to things and this is why we have decided to include a personalised service where we adapt our shows or can start from scratch, please contact us for more information on this. 


Q: What colour does my house need to be for this to work?

A: Lighter house Colours and window frames are really required for the images to appear bright, it can still work on darker houses, however you will need a brighter projector with more than 4000 lumens. Windows can be added with netting which will enable the windows to also become projected on to. As we build our portfolio we will aim to include projections on to houses such as dark brick work.

Q: I have a  bright light in front of my house. Can I still do this?

A:  The House we create our 2020 projection on also has a street light in front of the house. It does have a minor impact, however it really depends on your projector brightness and the brightness of your street light. You should be able to test pointing your projector at your house and playing any video. 

Q: How long does it take you to customize a video?

A: After you have mapped your house using the software/instructions provided it will typically take 2 days from the build date you have been given, this would then enable you to test your map and we assign a 3rd day if required for adjustment.

Q: What about copyright laws and these videos?

A: We are not a video seller, we customize products which are freely broadcast to the public domain as creative assets . We are a video customization service, not a video seller. You are hiring us to customise the videos to fit your house, these are only for private individuals not for profit. (unless your using a fully owned Jester Laughs LTD product which has been licenced for use via ourselves.)

Q: Do you offer fully customised projection mapping?

We do, but please contact us with your enquires at - we are a UK based projection mapping company, so please bare that in mind if your contacting us for in person appointments.


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