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2024 Season Begins! NEW Show Release

Hello everyone!

Simon here.

Firstly, thank you everyone for an amazing 2024 season and thank you for letting Jester Laughs be part of your amazing displays. Last year was another great year and we learned so much more throughout the year working with you all and reviewing footage you sent back.

This year for the 2024 season we wanted to release with a bang and start delivering some of our most requested shows,

Also this year I say goodbye to my house which all my projection films were filmed on. but fear not, do you think i wouldn't select the new house based on projection mapping ;)

So lets begin and kick off this year with a show that delivers the same show but with 2 options Egon's House and Egon's House ACTION!

Egon's House is based on Ghostbusters Afterlife and this time rather than just creating the 1 projection show, we have created 2 versions! for those of you who love a narrated driven style show and also for those of you who love pure action:


Egon's House: a full 12 minutes in length, this projection show contains both Story and action scenes. designed to immerse your audience in story telling and visual effects.


Egon's House ACTION: This is Egon's house without the story elements just all action, action and did i mention action?

Both Shows are available right NOW :)

Egon's House

Egon's House ACTION

So i know what your next question is going to be... what are you working on next?

That one you shall have to wait for :)

- Simon


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