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Who are we?

Jester Laughs was created by Simon Bolton in 2019 as an online video entertainment service generating over 1,000,000 views. In 2020 during the pandemic I decided I wanted to change gears and make content that was LIVE and in person, as i felt everyone including myself was absorbed to their mobile device. So I took I brave decision to delete and reboot Jester Laughs 

This is where our digital projection shows begun from, launched in the Winter of 2021 we began Offering Projection Shows for personal displays, the response was fantastic we had Our shows Displayed around the World through Halloween and Christmas.

Earth View at Night

What is our Mission?

Jester Laughs mission is no doubt the same as you the person who is reading this, to create a display that is impactful and has people talking and creating memories hopefully that they will speak about for years to come.


We like to do things different, we try to create things which people haven't seen before. 

"I had thousands of visitors this year"

"My wife actually cried with joy when the house was revealed"

"Everyone is talking about my house"

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