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Christmas 2023 Shows Update!

It's almost time to get those Christmas decorations down and begin the ultimate Christmas display!

Hey Everyone,

Simon here, firstly just a huge thank you to every single one of our customers this year, you have all been amazing to work with and I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween. I will reflect on the entire year as i do my end of year update in January, but I just wanted to say a quick Thank you to everyone reading this.

I cant believe I'm typing this, but the count down to Christmas has begun! And a lot of you have already started reminding me, So here's a brief update before we head in to the month with the all important question you all want to know: Yes there will be NEW Christmas shows this year :)

Current Christmas Shows

Our current Christmas shows have now reopened up and builds will begin today! (please note our current estimated delivery time at time of order at the top of the website) , also House In Salem has reopened and will remain open throughout the duration of the holidays - > Mean One > All I Want > Elements > House In Salem

Upcoming Christmas Shows for 2023

Mid-November will see the beginning of our release of new Christmas shows for 2022, our first planned Christmas show is scheduled for release the week of 13th November

This year we will be continuing our pattern of different show styles, Our light show series style of show is one we are often asked to expand on. Our first in this line up will be Carol of the Bells. more news soon on 2 other shows as we get closer to the launch windows.

So keep an eye out on our YouTube channel and your email's to be the first to know when they first drop.

- Simon


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