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have an idea?


Have you been looking for someone or a service who can create you that custom projection show in your mind?
Are you wanting to transform your house / space in to a 1 of a kind display?

Well here at Jester Laughs we are now offering a completely  customised service, where you take the seat of the creator and director then we create the show!



Since we launched our pre-made projection shows, one of the most common questions we are asked from our customers is do we offer fully 100% customised shows built from the ground up. ​


We have taken the time to figure out the best way of providing this service to you, and after much thought we decided that is by letting you take full control of the project. ​


  • You decide the theme.

  • You write the timeline.

  • You select the audio.

  • You tell your own story.

Movie Clapboard



$500 - $1000

Our Base package is aimed towards those who have a collection of Digital Products such as AtmosFX* and would love to use them to create a projection show but don't have the time/equipment/software/skillset or just generally loves how Jester Laughs adds that extra flavour.


base package includes:


  • Max Run time of 10 mins

  • Pre-Production discussion (we learn about your vision)

  • Created to your story board

  • Initial Draft/Review and progress collaboration between Us and you throughout the build.

  • Fully built custom Façade

  • We use your green screen selection or products such as AtmosFX*

  • Custom Effects such as House color changes/Flames/ Ice / Neon

  • Custom show messages such as Happy Halloween from 'your name'

  • Show Count Down option

  • Test samples sent in 3 phases throughout the build to ensure we create the maximum impact show.

* you must own to these products.



$1200 - $2500

Our Premium package is focused towards those who want the more unique standout from the crowd projection show. This package is directed to those who have a clear vision to what they want. You know you want that window smashing at a key point of the Audio or you have wild ideas such as the house bursting in flames of glory to a dramatic finish then this is for you.

Premium package includes:

  • everything listed in Oracle director package.

  • Custom graphics and animations

  • Multiple façade changes to meet your vision, all custom built.

  • Audio mixing to all your audio/sound effect selections.

  • Enhanced Effect options

Business Venue


Our mission at Jester Laughs has always been about creating memories for others and been talked about. by offering our services to businesses we get an amazing opportunity to collaborate with you and create amazing displays that will draw the attention to your business and create amazing publicity.

whether your an amusement park/ scare attraction or do seasonal events such as Christmas and Halloween we can offer amazing shows and digital displays that creates full immersion.

We have a strong relationships with creators around the world who we also collaborate with to really bring flavours together.

Business package includes:

  • Initial discussion

  • Location Visit (or virtual depending on location)

  • 3D Mapping if required

  • Pre-Production

  • Storyboard creation or input

  • Initial Draft/Review and progress collaboration

  • Beginning to end design or collaboration with your inhouse teams.

  • Audio Mixture

  • Public Business Licences or guidance.

  • Audio design and mixing

Lets Begin Creating

Thanks! We’ll be back intouch shortly.

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