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Scarefest returns in 2021

Scarefest is returning in 2021 at Alton Towers it has been confirmed, the event will run between 8th - 10th, 15th - 31st October, tickets are from £38 and you can book right now.

There hasn't been any maze confirmations for Scarefest 2021 yet, but we shall update as soon as they've been announced. Hopefully we will see the return of The Sanctuary Scare Maze in 2021?

Although we do expect the following to be at Scarefest in 2021

  • Freak Show: Toxic Junkyard - An outdoor maze, Freak Show: Toxic Junkyard will invite the foolhardy to venture into the Freak Show hidden den to discover the secret of the psycho clowns’ next big show.

  • The Attic: Terror of the Towers - Around here, people talk of the Governess – how she’s haunted by the death of her young charges, how she wants revenge, and how she’ll take it by seizing the spirits of the living in retribution. They say her ghost haunts The Attic. That’s where you’re headed. Dare you risk your immortal soul?

  • Altonville Mine Tours - The ‘Skin Snatchers’, we call them. Outcasts, their whole family. Rumours are they lived in that old mine. It’s deep and dark and the damp inside gives you the proper shivers. Just recently some fool reopened it – for tours! Be careful: they say those Skin Snatchers have a secret too horrifying for words. Beauty’s only skin deep. Remember that.

  • The Alton Towers Dungeon - As Scarefest descends on the Towers, enter The Alton Towers Dungeon for a little less laughing… and a lot more screaming! Will you be found guilty by the Bishop of Stafford, survive a visit to the Plague Doctor and make it out of The Witch of Burslem’s Cottage? Enter The Alton Towers Dungeon this Halloween, as we celebrate the most hideously horrible time of year with your delightful peasant screams… If you dare!

  • Garden Lights Walk: Whispering Souls - This year visit Alton Towers and enjoy the gardens as never before and witness them come to life in a whole new spooktacular light!

Get ready Spook Fans Halloween is coming!



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