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June and July Halloween Releases!

Hello everyone! Where has the year gone so far? it's mid june and we cant figure out where the year has gone and Halloween is only 140 days away from the time of writing this! But we all know it really begins on the 1st October so only 110 days away!!!.

please no mention of Christmas before that ;)

We thought now would be a good time to announce the next 2 shows in our 2024 line, 1 coming later this month and the 2nd mid July.

JUNE RELEASE: Men In Black (Light Show Series) We return again with our Light Show Series style to the song Men In Black! Turning up the dial from our previous light show series shows. add more sequences and effects along with a new addition to our lead singer 'Mr Pumpkin' ;) we cant wait to show you this one!

JULY RELEASE: Hell House 2 Hell House is one of our original shows and it was one that when we developed, we wasn't sure how the world would receive it - as we knew we maybe walking a thin line with how many dare to display it. But over the last couple of years we have been blown away at how Hell House has been used and enhanced in displays and been a huge crowd draw. Hell House is our perfect playground where we can experiment with new ideas, scares and visual effects creating that traditional Halloween vibe and walking that fine line! Hell House 2 is no different, we return back to meet our mysterious character and her Raven as she unlocks our 2nd Demon to play on fears.

That's all for this update, Speak soon - JesterLaughs



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