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It's Beginning to feel a bit strange around here.... Halloween Launch Window

Is it just us? Or is it starting to feel a little strange in the air? August is almost upon us so that means spook season is about to begin! So its time to provide an update on what's to come!

July we released our first Projection Show of 2022 Hell House - it is our darkest show yet and a complete original show which wont be found anywhere else, we used this show to implement a wide variety of effects designed to create maximum impact and a ramp up of visual effects. It's a show for the extreme Halloween decorators and not for the faint hearted.

But what's next? Well our lips are remaining sealed right now, but fear not the beginning of August our next show releases! The theme around this show should be well known to you all as its been highly requested this year in our inbox. It will also be our first show which brings in 3D technology to our shows.

All our shows from this point through to Christmas will take a more 'family' friendly approach as we grow our catalog.

Exciting things ahead of us, and if you would like to make sure your the first to know about our new Projection Shows then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel or Our Email List :)



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