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Christmas Projection Show & Reopening Halloween Shows Update

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

It's almost time to get those decorations down and create the ultimate Christmas decoration display!

Hey Everyone,

Simon here - As we're approaching the big finale and carving our final pumpkins for the 2022 Halloween season, we've been receiving a ton of emails regarding Christmas shows! Well, here is a brief update on our Christmas plans and also an update on our Halloween shows.

Halloween Shows

I've been absolutely blown away this year with the response to our new shows Hell House and Vecna's House, hearing your stories of having thousands of visitors throughout the month watching these displays live and in person. News crews covering and promoting your displays has just been a dream come true! When these shows were designed, I hoped they would really take Halloween displays to the next level and they certainly have done that. Unfortunately, at the beginning of October we had to close orders on these shows - but we have now reopened them for Q1 2023 builds.

Christmas Shows

Christmas 2022 releases! Ok well first thing is first, our Elements Show has now been reopened and is available right now for your 2022 Christmas displays.

Upcoming Christmas Shows

November will see the release of our new Christmas shows for 2022, our first planned Christmas show is scheduled for release the weekend of 12th November - shows are now in the final stages of development so if we can push them slightly earlier we will.

This year we will be releasing a couple of different styles of shows, our first one will be taking what we learnt with the first half of Elements and also what we learnt during the development of Hell House and taking things up a notch to the next gear! We're hoping to deliver the brightest and most vibrant projection show's on offer this season.

So keep an eye out on our YouTube channel and your email's to be the first to know when they first drop.

- Simon



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