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Blackpool Pleasure Beach Halloween Event 2021

Halloween Returns back to Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 2021 with the Return of their new experience event Journey to Hell.

Journey To Hell isn't your typical Halloween Scare Maze experience, Blackpool Pleasure Beach always like to try and take things to the next level and this Event isn't any different.

With the Theme Park Closed you're placed in to a Story Line that you in an abandoned theme park and the portal to hell has opened with creatures now roaming the land hunting you, the adventure takes you around the closed theme park in to different scare zones/houses and you even get the chance to escape the horde from Hell by taking a ride on ICON (if the same as 2019)

Little is know currently known what will be within the 2021 event but we do know the event runs from 8th Oct - 31st October and you can book right now.

Get ready fright fans because Journey to Hell isnt a Halloween Event you want to miss.

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