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Update and Showcase Request

Hello again to all you amazing people and Welcome to the 2022 season! You guy's blew us away in 2021 with your Halloween and Christmas displays and from us here at Jester Laughs a huge thank you for letting us be part of your displays and we apologise now if we caused you to run out of Candy! As we go towards this Holiday season we would LOVE to start showcasing some of your amazing displays, so if you could either send them over to our email address or our Facebook Page Jester Laughs

Now a brief 2022 update, we have begun creation and started officially testing both Halloween & Christmas shows for 2022.

For Halloween we will have a variety of shows for the more daring displays and also this year more Family friendly shows. June is the month when we will start releasing these shows along with the fixed release schedule for the remainder of the 2022 Halloween shows.

This Christmas we will be crafting a variety of shows also, these will be released earlier than 2021 with the first show along with a fixed Christmas release schedule will begin the 1st November.

As some of you are very creative, you may have some ideas inside your head for Halloween/Christmas shows! Please let us know, if we do go with your idea we will of course create the show for your house for FREE.

That's all from us for this update, all of you have a great Easter and we look forward to sharing more soon.

Jester Laughs


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