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2021 Plans and Current State of play.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Well, where to begin since last Halloween?

I would like to thank every single person who came to see my live projection show on Halloween, I did plan to build a Christmas Projection Show but with the increase of COVID-19 numbers I felt it was not appropriate.

plus, amazing news, I welcomed a new addition into my life her name is Raven :) so as I am sure everyone can appreciate it’s been a busy 6 months!

Where does this leave me for 2021? Well, I have come out of this more motivated than ever and in turn have redeveloped Jester this time adding in LED products which will enter the next stage of my visual presentations.

I have a couple of sets of Digital Effects which will be for you and your house, for Halloween and Christmas, fully ready for you to point and shoot.

In addition, I will be offering limited numbers of custom builds of my current shows, details on this will be released early August.

The Jester Laughs YouTube channel will also be changing, you may have noticed that I have removed comedy videos – this was initially because of YouTube policy changes which meant I had to remove them, but on reflection this is a good thing as now I can refocus the channel to where I am happier. News section and also facebook will play part of a central news hub for all things Theme Park related around the UK or any cool Halloween/Christmas events which stand out.

Lots to come and I’m very excited, just waiting on a couple of final green lights which I’m hopeful will be completed over the next week.

Over and out – The Jester.



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